What We Offer

Same day appointments!



Autism screening

free prenatal


covid 19 testing!

Well baby visits

School forms are prepared on the SAME day of submission with no extra charges; Vaccination Records and Lab Test Results are also free to our patients.

We have separate waiting areas for sick and well patients to prevent cross contamination. (at this time no sick patients are seen inside the office).

annual check ups

Free vaccines*

asthma education

lyme disease treatment 

Travel medicine

Depending on the destination, you may need additional vaccination, antimalaria medications or other items. Have a consultation with Dr. Jiang regarding any questions or concerns about your trips. Dr. Jiang has great experience in travel medicine as she has worked in an international hospital in China before. She will help you to plan a worry-free trip!

on site procedures

Vision screening, Hearing screening, Rapid Strep Test, Urine Test, Pregnancy Test, Blood Glucose Level, Allergy Skin Test, Oxygen Saturation Measurement, Pulmonary Function Test, and more

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Vision Screening

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we also offer services for

Common childhood illnesses and complicated medical issues

Skin rash management

Obesity management program

Treatment of eating disorders

Treatment of chronic cough or chronic sinusitis

Constipation treatment and behavior training

ADHD screening and treatment

Allergy prevention and management

And more!